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PhD study, universities, higher education policy, gender and higher education, teaching, graduate employability

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The Conversation (Australia)

What's up with universities – Whackademia or just grumpy old academics?

When a friend showed me the blurb for Whackademia: an insider’s account of the troubled university, I immediately left the office to buy a copy, solely on the promise in the title. I read it in just two…...

Open uri20160813 8332 21tjb0 article
The Conversation (Australia)

Academics behaving badly? Universities and online reputations

Trying to control your reputation online is a bit like trying to clean up wee in a toddler pool. You are much more likely to get your hands dirty than achieve any kind of meaningful damage control. Many…...

Open uri20160813 8332 1c3szy3 article
The Conversation (Australia)

Showing your colours: the good and bad of academics joining political parties

I’ve always thought being an academic is like living in the middle of an endless war where the weapon of choice is words. You could say the same of parliament, so it is perhaps surprising that relatively…...